Fifth Generation

266. Pleasant Lorenzo Bishop WINGO was born on 27 December 1810 in Robinson County, Tennessee. : On 27 December 1810. He died on 4 December 1883 at the age of 72 in Rushville, Schyuler County, Illinois. He was buried in Rushville Cemetery, Schyuler County, Illinois.

It is not possible for Pleasant to be a child of James and Charity Wingo if Pleasant was born in Tennessee as James died in Kentucky in 1813 and Charity did not move to Tennessee until after the death of James. One or more children of James and his first wife may have been in Tennessee and Pleasant may have been a son of one of them but brought up in the household of Charity and her children.

Lived most of life in Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois area. One sourse said born in 1812.

1840 IL or IA?

1850 Schuyler County IL Census: 168, 181, Rushville PO, Roll M432_128, pg. 331.
Winge/o, Pleasant L. 35 W M teamster VA, Hester R. 34 W F KY, William E. 14 W M IL, Mary E. 13 W F IL, Julia A. 12 W F IL, Thomas W. 10 W M IL, Charles W. 8 W M IL, Sarah E. 6 W F IL, Richard F. 2 W M IL and
Tolle, John 21 W M cooper KY

1860 Schuler County IL Census: 869, 874, Rushville PO, Woodstock, Roll M653_228, pg. ?.
Wings, Pleasant L. 44 W M farmer $600 $300 KY, Hester A. 44 W F KY, Charles 18 W M farmer IA, Sarah E. 17 W F IA, Richard 13 W M IL, George W. 11 W M IL, Nancy M. 6 W M IL, James D. 4 W M IL

1870 Schuyler County IL Census: 53, 53, Browning PO, Browning, pg. Roll M593_276, pg. 52.
Wingo, Richard 60 W M laborer $0 $200 KY, Hester 55 W F k-h KY, Douglas 13 W M KY and
Hammond, Ellen 25 W F Domestic KY + 11 RR Hands from everywhere

1880 Schuyler County IL Census: 284, 313, Rushville PO, Roll T9-250, , pg. 31, ED 273.
Wingo, Pleasant 70 W M self laborer M TN VA VA, Hester 64 W F wife k-h M KY Wales KY

11/29/1883 Obituary Rushville Times

Pleasant Lorenzo Bishop WINGO and Hester Ann EDWARDS were married on 12 August 1834 in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois. Hester Ann EDWARDS was born on 1 January 1816 in Jefferson County, Kentucky. She died on 17 December 1892 at the age of 76 in Rushville, Schyuler County, Illinois. Family tradition has Hester's father training in New York as a tailors apprentice and that he made George Washington's uniform.
Hester Edwards came to Jacksonville, Morgan County, IL at age 11. She died at James Douglas Wingo's house.

Pleasant Lorenzo Bishop WINGO and Hester Ann EDWARDS had the following children:



William E. WINGO was born in 1835 in Illinois, USA.

NOTE: I have no proof for this.

1860 Tehama County CA Census: 132, 133, Roll M653_70, pg. 26.
Wingo, W. E. 25 W M Mo with
Newman, J. W. 35 W M farmer - $600 TN and
7 unrelated males, 3 from MO

1870 CA Census:

Colusa County, CA
On May 24, 1870 William Wingo was convicted for the shooting of Michael Billow at Princeton and sentenced by Judge Spalding to ten years inprisonment.



Mary E. WINGO.



Julia Ann WINGO.



Thomas White WINGO.



Charles W. WINGO.



Sarah H. WINGO was born in 1844 in Iowa, USA.



James D. WINGO was born in 1846. James R. ???



Richard F. WINGO was born in 1848. 1870 Macoupin County IL Census: 150, 150, Palmyra PO, T12 R8, Roll M593_250, pg. 21.
Wingo, R. F. 21 W M farm hadn IL with
Landrith, A. P. 47 W M farmer $16,000 $5,000 VA, L. Emily 40 W F k-h Il, + 6 children



George W. WINGO was born in 1850 in Schyuler County, Illinois.



Nancy Ann WINGO.



James Douglas WINGO.



Woleda WINGO was born in 1858 in Schyuler County, Illinois.